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The most exciting innovation to hit the pool industry over the past few years has got to be the introduction of automation. Pool owners no longer have to fight though spiderwebs at their equipment pad to switch their pool over to spa mode. With automatic controls you can totally control your pool from inside your house.

Pool owners can now create the perfect backyard environment with the simple touch of a button. You can control the temperature, water level, lighting and filtering of your pool and spa along with any other electrical device you may have in the backyard. In the past automatic controls were hard to retrofit onto pools because they required running wires from the equipment pad into the house. Times have changed and everything can be done with wireless technology, which makes retrofits a snap.

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All Button

The AquaLink RS All Button allows automatic control of your swimming pool and spa with custom labeled buttons of all equipment.

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One Touch

The Battery Wireless OneTouch offers complete pool and spa control in a battery powered portable desktop unit.

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Wireless control system in the palm of your hands. Wherever you are, virtually every pool and spa function can be performed from the Jandy Wireless PDA.

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Touch's smart, intuitive user interface, customizable features and attractive styling present the best touch panel experience for the pool industry today.

Automated Pool Control - Because Enjoyment Should be Automatic
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Digital Control and Water Purification in One
Introducing Jandy's NEW PureLink Water Purification System, combining the power of AquaLink RS Control Systems with the state-of-the-art AquaPure Chlorine Generator. To learn more about how you can control your pool and spa system while you sanitize your water, click here.

Jandy has long been regarded as the leader in pool and spa automation by bringing easy to use and attractive control systems to the pool and spa industry. Jandy Control Systems bring simple push button operation of pool and spa equipment indoors. What does this mean for you? No more trips to the equipment pad! The days of going out into the cold and stumbling around in the dark to operate pool and spa equipment are over. Reduced energy bills! Schedule off peak operation of pumps and filtration.

Together, innovation and ease of use is the formula for carefree enjoyment of a backyard paradise and Jandy Control Systems will always bring that, plus more, to the pool builder and homeowner.

Advanced Digital Control Systems

  • AquaLink Touch, AquaLink RS OneTouch, All Button and PDA bring you simple indoor management of all pool and spa equipment, water features, lighting and more
  • Constant display of current programs, equipment status, as well as water and air temperatures
  • Exclusive interface with the Jandy AquaPure chlorine generator for convenient indoor control and monitoring and control of all your sanitation needs.
  • Wireless option available
Basic Control Systems
  • An economical way to operate your pool and spa equipment, lighting and water features from indoors
  • Easy to read LED readouts give equipment status feedback of up to four (4) pool and spa features
  • Spa side control with water and temperature readout
  • Numerous ways to enhance and safeguard your pool and spa investment such as the TeleLink telephone interface, light dimming and designer faceplate options